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Unique Wedding Film

With background of working in Hollywood movie industry, Molly, our lead cinematographer aims to make your wedding film a unique and personal life-long art work.

At first, what is the different between wedding cinematography and wedding video? In brief, video is generally a more documentary style rather than having all the bells and whistles of drones, glide cams and other cool equipment to obtain amazing smooth cinematic shots. Also cinematography is a story with a perspective of the film maker, video is much more objective.


After working many years in the wedding industry, Molly realised that lots of wedding videographer/cinematographer use a kind of posing method to make a cinematic style of the video. This method works, however, it is repetitive and it does not show the unique relationship between each couple. Molly herself has been so unsatisfied with her own wedding video, although it includes every WOW stuff to impress her guests and friends: drone shots, glamorous shots, movie star like portrait and hollywood sound effect. However, only she and her husband know, that is not them, and they know how stressed and tiresome was to be ordered to posed, kissed, repeating walking from here to there and poses on their wedding day. With Starlight productions, we will spend time on the pre-production: to know more about each individuals and design how to show all the details of the wedding, and more importantly, how to show the LOVE between two of you.

Depends of your requirement, we may still do some posing glamour shots and drones shots to add WOW factor. But here what we focus on, is capturing all those real moments, real passions, real love, then through our editing, polish these moments into a true cinematic experience. We know how to shoot quietly and discreetly that you can still feel natural and be yourself on your big day.

Cinema is exciting to watch, it is shorter and more intense. With our experience in editing for wedding films, a 6-10 mins highlights final edit for a whole day wedding would be most interesting to watch that your family members and friends would not start to feel bored and start to chat when watching the film. So many video operators in the market will try to tell you that you can get all the raw video of your big day and even try to sell a long version video in much bigger price. But the fact is, to compress a whole day wedding without missing important details into 10 mins is much more work on editing than just edit 90 mins full day video. Most of the couple would only watch once for a long an hour and half video and always fast forward to some point of the ceremony to show to their guests and friends. Also, the size of a feature length video make it very difficult for them to upload and share with friends online. We have received quite a lots of request of married couple that hope we can re-edit, to compress a whole day event to highlights in our style, however, editing with raw material (especially with cinematographer that you do not know) is a very difficult work and still, very hard to archive 100% of our style. It usually takes us 4 to 6 weeks to edit the Highlights, we also provide 1 min+ Trailer within one week after the wedding day, that allow couples to share their important day with all their guests and friends. 

If you would like to know more information about our video or cinema production, just feel free to contact us.

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