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Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle

It’s a bit of a cliché but your hair really is your crowning glory, particularly on your wedding day. After choosing your wedding dress, finding a hairstyle that’s going to flatter you and make you look amazing is almost certainly going to be the next job on your list.

Try out different looks

Firstly, we recommend that you experiment with different styles beforehand. Although nothing too drastic that you might regret, like having all your hair cut off or changing the colour dramatically.

To start with, go start online and start your own moodboard. When you’ve got a few ideas take them along to your hairdresser for a few trial sessions. Give yourself plenty of time, you don’t want to be making decisions in the last couple of weeks before your wedding day, which would only add to the stress factor. The time of year you’re getting married will also affect your hair – you might want to go for sunkissed highlights if you’re having a summer wedding or opt for something darker that makes more of a statement if you’re marrying in winter.

How will your hair suit your dress?

Of course, the style of the dress you’ve chosen is going to play a big part in the type of hairstyle you choose. Think about your neckline, whether you’re wearing sleeves and the length of the dress. If you’re wearing something with a high neckline your hair will look better in an updo. For a boho style wedding day you might want to wear your locks long and flowing free. Something vintage might be better with a ‘messy’ updo or a period hairstyle, or how about a Great Gatsby-style bob?

A lot of brides decide to grow their hair long for their wedding day so that they can have an updo, but if you really suit short hair best then it’s not necessary. Anne Hathaway had to cut off her long hair for her role in Les Miserables and she’s brought the pixie crop right back on trend. You can dress your hair up with a flower crown or a birdcage veil can look fabulous with a shorter style.

If you’re wearing a very traditional and formal wedding dress, maybe something with sleeves, then a classic chignon or French pleat will suit your look to perfection. If you want to add a detail use a sparkly haircomb or accessory.

Use your hair type to your advantage

If you have fine hair and have never tried hair extensions, then this might be a good opportunity to try out a new look. One real bride said she decided to have extensions because she didn’t want an updo as she never wears her hair up and instead wanted a down do with more volume.

Other brides love their curls and work them into their look. Michelle said she had a “curly down do with a modern side plait twist.”

What about hair accessories?

Tiaras are a classic wedding accessory and if you’re planning on wearing one you need to think about how your hairstyle is going to work with it. If you’ve got very curly hair you may need to calm it down a bit.“My hair is naturally curly and I could not see my tiara so I had it straightened,” says real bride Amanda.

If you’re not really a tiara sort of girl you have plenty of other options. There’s the birdcage veil look, which is great if you’re having a vintage wedding. If you’re going for a sort of boho, romantic look then keep your hair long and maybe just decorate it with a single floral detail. A classic look for a destination wedding is tucking an exotic local bloom behind your ear for a ‘just walked off the beach’ look.

Our advice? Enjoy all the different wedding looks available and make sure you’re happy with the style you finally choose and that it really is you. Remember, your husband wants to recognise you as you walk down the aisle!

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