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Why you should have a Engagement photo shoot session?

Engagement photos are the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer while getting comfortable in front of the camera — not to mention, they're the perfect chance to show off your personality as a couple.

While these pre-wedding portrait sessions are supposed to be fun, it's no secret that stepping before a professional camera for the first time often elicits a mixed bag of emotions from both the future bride and groom alike. But here's the scoop all photographers want you to know: in addition to walking away with a seriously stunning collection of portraits(and how often do you really get the chance to pose for gorgeous shots with your guy?), you'll get plenty of face time with the one person you'll spend the majority of your wedding day with.

That's right: when you think about it, your wedding photographer is the person who will be with you from getting ready straight through your reception exit, so getting to know them, feeling sure about their style and personality, and creating a genuine relationship will only result in more beautiful photos on the big day. And giving them the time to get to know you, your best angles, and how you work in front of the camera is invaluable.

But aside from the nitty-gritty, the heart and soul of an engagement photo session is truly about celebrating the beginning of this next chapter of your lives. You'll be married for a long time, but the engagement period typically lasts just about a year, so savor this special time and create tangible reminders of these special moments.

To help you prep for your own engagement photo session, we tapped into our arsenal of pro wedding photographers and asked them for their tips, tricks, and secrets for nailing the best snaps. Here, they share their favorite engagement photos and the details behind the frame.

One of the best ways to do this is to encourage the couple to interact naturally during the shoot, using general overarching direction for movement and action, but then allowing them to go through those motions at their own pace and in their own way. Each couple moves and interacts differently, and giving them the space and flexibility to do so during their engagement shoot cultivates an ease and genuine sense of intimacy that translates beautifully through photos.

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